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Why our doors are locked and we serve people at the door

Updated: Jul 1

It all started when Covid arrived and we where trying to not get Covid so we decided to handle transactions at the door and don’t let anyone in , for a while it was working but we eventually also got Covid, after getting it we realized that we don’t ever want to get it again, we didn’t get it from the door, we got it when I entered a bathroom in New York so our restaurant protocol is affective so we stick to it, some of our customers have a slight attitude about it but it is what it is we have to keep safe and we don’t want our customers to get sick so with us keeping the doors locked is a good thing , our customers respect us and we appreciate there support, at the same time we’re not liked by the Chinese restaurant, they sent people to rob us , they sent people to kill us but none of them succeed, when reported to the police they don’t take any written reports and tell us that we’re delusional but we consider it to be small town corruption and wonder why they don’t take reports on the hate that we’re experiencing, we don’t want to condone to violence or any situation that will end our business so we ignore them and keep our door locked off from hater violence

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And saying small town corruption is absurd, yea there’s all related and theories favoritism but that’s every where in America, you can’t be do this JA SPICE, VERY ILLEGAL, WHY DONT YOU BE THE UP STANDINF CITIZEN IN THE COMMUNITY AND ME AMMENDS WITH THEM


You saying they are setting you up for “robbery” and “ murder” is illegal look up slander laws, YALL COULD DO BETTER

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It’s not slander because they didn’t say what restaurant and they told the truth

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